Realities of Life

It has been some time since my last post. I have started a new career which has kept me busy learning to shift my mindset. As some of you may know I retired from my 30-year career in public safety in 2020. In October 2021, I started a new career as a Sale Consultant for Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

This new career has changed my lifestyle as well as my outlook on many aspects of life. I want to share with you a few of those outlooks. You may agree with some and not with others, but these are some realities in life I have learned are overlooked by many.


Honesty in our society has become a thing of the past. Now, I’m not saying everyone is dishonest. In our society now everyone is looking for the easy way out and the fastest way to the next big thing. In the strive for greatness, some have either withheld the total facts or have added additional information without facts. This over time has created a society with a lack of trust. Even if you have one of the best products on the market. How can you prove to the world it is NOT some scam?

It comes down to the questions in a short conversation or meeting.

Who can we trust? Is this based on a position, a title, or just some intuition?


We have dreams in our lives and we all deserve to fulfill these dreams. To fulfill some of these dreams you need to take a chance to overcome and commit to those dreams. Most people do not fulfill their dreams because they have a fear of commitment.

Commitment is defined as the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, agreement, or pledge to do something in the future.

How will you commit to the dreams you have in your life?


Needs can be viewed as what we need to survive like food and water. Needs can also be viewed as just the desires we need to feel a sense of accomplishment. Whichever your needs are, there is always a way to accomplish those needs. If you don’t agree, this may mean your need is to learn the difference between your wants, needs, and desires.

We all have the ability to fulfill our wants, needs, and desires. The amount of commitment that you have to fulfill those needs is all up to you.

When will you start fulfilling your needs?


Over the past few years, the world has been in a state of a somewhat holding pattern. COVID has left many people living within the four walls of homes. We have had to confine ourselves to not seeing friends and in some cases family. We have in a sense learned that sometimes it’s not a bad idea to just slow down and evaluate what is truly important in our lives.

People have lost loved ones at a young age or friends that have always been by their side. This has changed our mindset to realize how fast our lives can change. How quickly we find that we still have a lot of dreams to fulfill. In order to fulfill these dreams we need to put a plan together and follow that plan.

How soon will you implement the plan to fulfill those dreams?

Ken Kelli
Ken & Kelli

Published by ksag3

After spending over 30 years in Public Safety as a firefighter and paramedic, Ken has retired from a career he loves. Ken was recruited to become part of a Specialized Team that focuses on introducing Holiday Inn Club Vacations and the array of benefits they provide. After, working in an industry where he can continue giving back to people while enjoying the love for travel. Ken makes himself available to help you start planning the memories you deserve for you and your family. You deserve to experience life to its fullest before your time here comes to an end. Ken will even put together a group trip for corporations, businesses, community organizations, and even school trips. This website is dedicated to Public Safety Professionals, Fire Responders, Military Veterans, and all who suffer from PTSD or any mental illness. Ken is sharing where he was, where he is, and more opportunities that just may work for you. Please stop by regularly for future updates.

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