Getting Started in Your Adventure Living

Have you been thinking of living on the road? Getting started in your adventure living is not as easy as one would think. Getting the right information before heading out on your adventure takes time and planning. Sure we have all heard of the stories when people just pack it all in and go. ButContinue reading “Getting Started in Your Adventure Living”

RV Nomads – The Movie Review

RV Nomads – The Movie Created & Produced by Eric Odom Produced & Directed by Tom Morton Produced & Edited by Norvell Rose Narrated by Audrey Callahan CAST: Shane Snyder & Audrey Callahan / Audrey Callahan Music Julie & Marc Bennett / RV Love Melanie & Travis Carr / Escapees RV Club Dan & LisaContinue reading “RV Nomads – The Movie Review”

My First Camping Trip

What was your first camping trip? Here is the story of my first camping trip: The year was 1978. My father just replaced his 1970 C10 with a newer 1976 C10. Both trucks he had purchased used. I now realize why we purchased vehicles used. Even though we were a family of 4, dad wasContinue reading “My First Camping Trip”