Ken Sagendorph

Starting the Next Chapter

Northeast Recreational Vehicle Inspections

Ken  Kelli
Ken & Kelli

After 30 years in public safety field, Ken has retired due to PTSD. Ken needed to find a way to keep busy, have income and still provide for others.

In 2020, Ken completed the National Recreational Vehicle Inspector Association‘s home study course. After completing the course Ken started NRVI.

In late 2020 NRVIA changed the standards for inspections. Ken was unable to meet the training requirements. He decided to continue with servicing and repairs while still providing for the consumer.

Along with the service and repair Ken made the choice to continue helping people get into an RV by providing assistance with purchases by inspecting the basic needs for the RVers.

Ken has over 25 years of experience with RVs. He wants to share his knowledge and experience to make your RV travels with limited headaches.

Seasonal Prep

Begin your RV season without all the preparation. Let NRVI do the prep for you. From the RV at a seasonal site to your RV in your driveway. NRVI will come to you to get things ready to enjoy.


NRVI knows that when the season has come to an end you would rather just pack things up. NRVI will make that dream a reality. NRVI will get your RV ready for storing in the off season. Including interior cleaning and adding anti-freeze to the plumbing system.

Purchase Inspection

So you have decided to purchase an RV. Whether you are new to the RV adventure or are updating your existing RV. NRVI will help you make the right purchase. A purchase inspection will help you look at most things you may not think of. Protect your investment with an inspection of the basic essentials.

Book a free consultation today.

Fill out this for or Call (413) 684-8064 (LEAVE MESSAGE)

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