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This website was designed to help Kelli and I start planning our future. We currently have 4 children from previous marriages. Her daughter Sierra lives with us full-time. My 3 boys, Kyle, Ryan, and Brady, we get to see on a weekly bases for 2 overnights.

Prior to my divorce, I had a small travel trailer. Which I lived in for almost a year prior to the divorce being “official.” After the divorce, I was unable to afford the trailer, so it was repossessed. Such is life. Thank You, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Probate court system.

Over the past few years, we have been thinking of what to do when we finally have the children out on their own and have our “Empty Nest.” I came up with the idea of getting a fifth wheel RV and travel the country. The hope is, for me anyway, is that Kelli decides she really likes the RV lifestyle and decides that it will become our retirement home. Sure we will look at a permanent location. But, for starters, its life on the road.

This website will become the start of this journey that will hopefully become a reality. The plan is to post a few blogs, vlogs, and more to keep track of our journey to leave a timeline for our future generations. This will include everything from shopping for that perfect RV, and maybe a few upgrades along the way. To watch the kids grow up and start living their lives while raising their families.

Our first decision was when to start planning?

We agreed to start by picking our Rv. Do we go with a Class A or would the fifth wheel be our best option? We choose the fifth wheel for a few reasons.

  1. Only having the maintain 1 vehicle
  2. Not putting mileage on 2 vehicles at once.
  3. We will be together all the time. So why have two vehicles?
  4. The front section of Class A’s is a really wasted space for driving only.
  5. Having to park a Class A in some locations along the way will be tight.
  6. The overall cost of the initial purchase will be cheaper.
  7. If we have a mechanical problem requiring parts to be ordered from a garage. We still have a place to sleep.
  8. Fuel economy with a Class A will be less than a 3/4 ton or 1-ton truck.

UPDATE / April 2020:

Al thought the fifth wheel was our original plan. A few things are starting to change. We started looking more at the Class A idea. Times change and so do people along with lifestyles. We also noticed that the range of models from various manufactures has changed.

Back to the drawing board, I’m sure this will not be the last time before making the final purchase.

I guess our thinking was, how difficult will it be hooking and unhooking the fifth wheel. Also, since our tow vehicle would have to be a big truck. How many locations would we be limited to? What would the fuel costs be for a daily driver of a 1-ton truck compared to something like a Jeep or midsize SUV? After all, our only big fuel expenses should be on travel days.

With all things still up in the air and retirement not on our radar just yet. The kids are still in the home and the nest is will not be empty anytime soon. I will keep adding posts and sharing our experiences.

So join us to see how this plan works out.

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UPDATE February 2021

Forced to retire from a career I still love due to a work-related illness. I have searched for the next chapter in my life. Asking myself the questions of where, what, when, and how to start? Over the past 10 years, I have played around with internet marketing to make some extra income. It was more of just looking at options of something I could do from home.

Learning that there are many different internet marketing programs online and that most are scams. These programs suck you in by telling you their program will make you a fortune almost overnight. The truth is, these are not sustainable programs.

After leaving my career and getting the help I need for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am now seeking retirement from my career to move onto that next chapter. My dreams of working until hitting the age of retirement have been shortened. So the question was can I start that dream today. The short answer is, Why Not? The truth is the long answer, as I still have more to give along with my fiance and I still have time to work.

I decided to connect the two by sharing my experience with PTSD and our dreams of traveling full time in an RV.

Most importantly, my fiance and I have 4 children in our blended family. I have 3 boys 22,19, and 13. She has a daughter 20. This is my support system, I feel the most important part of my life and my moving forward onto the next chapter.

Please share and comment on any post. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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