What’s on Your Bucket List?

What’s on your bucket list for a dream vacation?

Where is that #1 place you always wanted to go?

When will you start planning your dream vacation?

The time has come when people are getting over the pandemic and getting ready to travel again. Have you made any plans for the near future for your vacation?

Making the Plans

Let’s think of the time we were in school. We have just returned after a summer break and we are given a task. The task was to stand in front of the class to describe your summer break. What did you do?

Then there was that one kid who always took that dream vacation every year. Let us call her Sarah. Sarah and her family had gone to places like France, Spain, and even Hawaii. She always came back to class with cool souvenirs or some talent she learned while on vacation. At the end of her story, she would tell everyone about her family’s plan for the upcoming year.

Here was a family that took small trips during the year, usually a few short hours from home. Then later in the year, Sarah would be telling everyone about her family’s next big summer vacation. Sarah’s family was not rich, only her father actually worked. I don’t really remember his job, but I do remember he was not some corporate CEO.

There was a family some people would admire. Not really worrying about the cost of the vacation or any extra activities the kids had. Just making sure that they spent time as a family every year to create memories that would last a lifetime.

What are your plans for creating those memories?

Creating an Itinerary

Creating an itinerary is not for everyone. Sarah and her family usually had some type of small itinerary when they took these big trips. When going on those dream vacations, does your itinerary help you to experience everything you wanted to see?

Sometimes creating an itinerary can be more time-consuming than the itinerary itself. People create itineraries when traveling to places that they may never go to again. Traveling to cities like Paris, Washington D.C., or Venice has some once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Experiences you may have on your bucket list.

You may even what to travel across the United State to visit some of the 400 national parks. Some of these locations can only be visited at specific times of the year. Like seeing the Aurora Borealis in Denali National Park. The best time to view would mean getting an early morning wake-up call.

Though itineraries may not be for everyone. Taking a cruise does have some benefits being on an itinerary. These itineraries help cruisers decide which ports of call they want to explore more from an excursion or just relaxing on a beach. You also start planning your dream vacation before you even leave your home.

What’s in your next itinerary?

Bring It All Together

Now that you have created that dream trip, added a few things to your bucket list. Let’s put this all together. One of the biggest obstacles that prevent people from fulfilling their dreams is finances. Creating those dream trips is not as difficult as one would think.

To bring it all together you may need a little help. Do your research on the places you want to go. Talk to friends, read a few blogs, or talk to a travel agent. These sources can help you create or change your itinerary along the way.

One thing I like to ask people who are going to places like Washington D.C. Which are the locations you want to go to. Create a list of those places, then come up with a plan to bring it all together. Design a route to travel based on times and distances. For places like this, it may even be helpful to talk to some locals that could help with the best times to visit locations you want to visit.

This even works when on a cruise itinerary. Let’s use an Eastern Caribbean cruise for example. When visiting some of the islands you may want to find out which ones have the best values for jewelry. Sit in on one of the presentations on a sea day. The host is usually a cruise director or a representative that will help you find a way to save. You may even win a few prizes along the way.

How do you “Bring it All Together?

PS: Share your thought in the comments about how you plan to fill your bucket list. What is on your bucket list? I would love to hear from you. Maybe I can add to my list.

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After spending over 30 years in Public Safety as a firefighter and paramedic, Ken has retired from a career he loves. Ken was recruited to become part of a Specialized Team that focuses on introducing Holiday Inn Club Vacations and the array of benefits they provide. After, working in an industry where he can continue giving back to people while enjoying the love for travel. Ken makes himself available to help you start planning the memories you deserve for you and your family. You deserve to experience life to its fullest before your time here comes to an end. Ken will even put together a group trip for corporations, businesses, community organizations, and even school trips. This website is dedicated to Public Safety Professionals, Fire Responders, Military Veterans, and all who suffer from PTSD or any mental illness. Ken is sharing where he was, where he is, and more opportunities that just may work for you. Please stop by regularly for future updates.

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