Getting Through the Holiday Blues

Getting Through the Holiday Blues

Every year some of us get those holiday blues. Remembering when I was a child the Christmas displays came out after Thanksgiving. This year I started noticing these displays came out in some locations before Holloween. Is this the reason most people are getting the holiday blues?

This brings me to the question of when did this change? Our lives are so full of challenges day in and day out. Everything from trying to meet deadlines, attending meetings, and maintaining that work-life balance.

We meet these challenges all year long before realizing the holidays are upon us. Then the time comes to fit in holiday shopping, planning time with the ones we love and attending holiday gatherings with friends or employers.

It’s no wonder we have some type of difficulty getting through the holiday blues. It seems as time goes by the displays start coming out sooner and sooner. I just hope they don’t start setting up the displays after Independence day.

Meeting Your Challenges

Meeting your challenge just may be the way of getting through the holiday blues. You need to take some time for yourself, even if it is just five or ten minutes in the day. Whether it is during your commute to work, create total silence within the area and focus on the air around you. Focusing on things like smells or just the air moving in and out of your lungs.

There are times when it takes more than just a few simple things. Creating time to manage all that comes with the holiday season takes patients. The one thing not many people have in this day and age. Everyone seems to be in such a hurry they don’t realize that time goes by so fast. As a society, we really need to slow things down.

I cannot be the only person in this world to say this, but life moves too fast. Putting displays up before the “True” holiday season really is just another way of speeding time up for the consumer.

A few other things you can do is to try sticking to a routine. One thing I have learned is that we all get some type of anxiety or depression when it comes to the holidays. It’s never easy and there is no one way to afford the holiday blues.

Don’t get trapped in the holiday blues. Before you know it they will all be over.

What are your plans for the holidays?

Ken Kelli
Ken & Kelli Travel Advisor

PS: If you are looking to plan a vacation this year. Let me know. I’d love to hear what you’re doing and where you plan to go.

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After spending over 30 years in Public Safety as a firefighter and paramedic, Ken has retired from a career he loves. Ken was recruited to become part of a Specialized Team that focuses on introducing Holiday Inn Club Vacations and the array of benefits they provide. After, working in an industry where he can continue giving back to people while enjoying the love for travel. Ken makes himself available to help you start planning the memories you deserve for you and your family. You deserve to experience life to its fullest before your time here comes to an end. Ken will even put together a group trip for corporations, businesses, community organizations, and even school trips. This website is dedicated to Public Safety Professionals, Fire Responders, Military Veterans, and all who suffer from PTSD or any mental illness. Ken is sharing where he was, where he is, and more opportunities that just may work for you. Please stop by regularly for future updates.

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