Why Take a Cruise?

Why Take a Cruise?

This is a great question if you have never taken a cruise before. To answer this question you need to not only think about why but why not? Everyone has their own opinion of the cruise industry. Where did you get your information to make the decision you are making? What is the reason you are making this decision?

Most people I have spoken to have made their decision on cruising based on what little research they have made. Others feel they would develop motion sicks that would eventually ruin the experience. After reading this post you will have a better understanding and hopefully, make your own informed decision.

To answer some of those questions you will want to read this post. Today we hope to clear up some of those questions along with some of the myths about cruising.

Myth 1

” I don’t feel like rocking back an forth the whole trip.”

The cruise ships of today are not the “SS Minnow.” Todays cruise ships are designed with stabilizers that can retract while at dock. While underway these stabilizers can eliminate as much as 90 percent on ship roll. This is obviously based on a number of factors include wind speed and direction along with tide height.

We all have those images from videos seen on the internet or on the Discovery channel, wave as tall as a duplex house. These images have been captured by vessels mostly in commercial fishing or unexpected storms. Captain and crew are so well training that they do everything to avoid these types of weather fronts. Yes they “could” happen, so blue moon. Meaning it is rare, the best way to do you part is to not travel during hurricane season when its expected to have drastic weather.

I remember my first cruise on the Carnival Miracle. I was so excited to go on my first cruise, it was a dream of mine to be on a cruise. Leaving Tampa the ocean was calm with a slight breeze in the air. If you have ever sailed out of Tampa you will know that the first hour or so you are in calm waters since it is a harbor. More of the rougher seas usually start after you have been on on the ocean for a while.

Again my first time out. Once we started hitting open water the ship started to shake just a little. As time goes by it seemed to have been getting a little more, maybe that was just me. I did not get any sea sickness, however a few people did. My thought was great, this is going to be a long week.

During that first night the ship continued to roll, just slightly, enough to make you think ” what did I get myself into?” We attended the evening show in the theater. Thinking to myself, “how do they do that with the ship moving so much?” Guess this is going to be interesting.

After a long night of the ship moving back and forth I decided to head to the café to get a little something for breakfast. To my surprise in see this gentleman all dressed in a white uniform, guess he looked important. I got into some small talk with him to find out he was the Captain.

So I figured what the heck, “Pretty rough seas since we left Tampa?”

Captain: “Yes, a little more than normal.”

I had to ask: “Is it going to be like this the whole week?”

Captain: “No, we hit a weather front last night with a strong wind across the bow and some pretty high seas. We should be clear of it and stabilize by noon today.”

As our conversion continued then briefly ended. I started thinking what the Captain said. Was he sure this was going to end or was he just trying to make a passenger feel comfortable?

To end this story he was 100% right, It seemed like at around noon that day someone flipped a switch. The motion stopped and the ship became stable. To the point where the only time I knew I was on a cruise ship, when I looked out the window.

But if you still have that fear on motion sickness. There are some great remedies for sea sickness and motion sickness to help you enjoy your cruise. You will see plenty of people on the ships with patched behind their ears or some of the fancy wrist bands. The remedy that works for someone else my not work for you. I suggest try the least evasive first and work your way through a couple that work best for you.


The rooms are too small.

First, your on a cruise, so we call the cabins, state rooms or suites. Different cruise lines will have there own identification when it comes to the more luxury accommodations. But in reality, todays cruise ships are being built with large accommodations that are, in some cases larger than your standard hotel room.

I suggest to people that ask me, think about a few things when booking your accommodations. Will you be in the room more? Do you think you may get motion sickness? How many nights will you be cruising? Do you want a place to relax to call yours from the time your onboard? And where on the ship would you like to stay?

In general, a standard inside cabin is about 180 square feet and balcony rooms up to about 220 square feet , compared to you standard hotel room of 300 square feet. Do you get complimentary dining in your hotel room? Maybe a continental breakfast, but not all meals. Besides, if you looking for a place to lay your head and shower while enjoying your vacation, guess that’s really not such a big difference.

If you are in the market for a little larger room. You could book yourself into a luxury suite which will be upwards of 600 square feet, or about the size of a New York City apartment. These accommodation on cruise lines like Royal Caribbean will give you added amenities and a Royal Genie that is your personal butler for your trip.


“I don’t want to get stuck at sea when the ship gets quarantined.”

You may not want to get stuck at sea for a long period of time such as in the case

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that for vessels operating in United States waters that the “Cruise ships should develop and maintain COVID-19 response plans to prevent and mitigate introduction and onboard transmission of SARS-CoV-2.”

So what does this meant for you as the cruise passenger?

All cruise vessels embarking from US water have a lengthy line of regulations to follow. Theses regulation include pre and pos boarding testing along with testing while underway. There have been a number of different reports of people being quarantined in their room or moved to a different location on the vessel.

Most of the research I have found that you should get a COVID test at least 2 days prior to boarding. If you feel any symptoms while on you cruise. Notification of the staff and stay in you cabin as soon as possible. This will help prevent the spread on any viruses.

Now I mention COVID, but there have been other outbreaks on vessels in history and most of the time the cruise lines have been accommodating to the passengers. We have all heard the horror stories all over the internet. Keep in mind their are thousands of cruise ships sailing the world every day. The number of ships that do end up in quarantine is very low.

I am not saying don’t worry about it, what I am saying in the risk is low and you should check what your cruise line is doing for restrictions. Over the past few month the CDC continues to update consumers on their website. It really is your responsibility to make sure you and the other on the cruise are safe in order to enjoy the time.


To me this may be one of the biggest myths of them all. Cruises are expensive.

Reality check for you all. Lets sit here for a minute looking at two different types of vacations, a cruise and and All-inclusive. Sense they are both similar in what they offer the consumer we will break this down simple. Both offer luxury accommodations and both include some complimentary offerings.

I am not going to identify any resort or cruise time. My wife and I have booked our next cruise for 7 nights for a total cost estimate of $3500, less airfare and ground transportation. I looked into a compatible All-inclusive was in the estimated range of $7000. Honestly, the price is really not the point.

My point is simple put. Do you want to be in the same location everyday for 7 nights or do you want to explore some place new every morning? That’s where I see the biggest value. not to mention it does appear to me if you don’t mind the few myths of cruising, it is the biggest bang for the buck.

I would love to know you opinion.

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Ken Kelli
Ken & Kelli Travel Advisor

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