Are Cruises Really That Bad?

Have you ever thought about taking a cruise instead of staying on land?

The prediction for the next year is that the luxury travel industry will increase in numbers as our world begins to exit the pandemic. Whether you plan to travel on land or sea the industry is getting ready for a vast increase in numbers. People have had enough of staying home in quarantine. The world has decided enough is enough, it’s time to get out.

Face the facts, it’s about time to stop living within your four walls. Let’s get out and start living our life before it’s too late. As Brad says seek out a Travel Advisor to help you plan this year. With all the restrictions that may still be in place. Use a Travel Advisor to make your traveling safe and memorable.

Ken Kelli
Ken & Kelli

Published by ksag3

After spending over 30 years in Public Safety as a firefighter and paramedic, Ken has retired from a career he loves. Ken was recruited to become part of a Specialized Team that focuses on introducing Holiday Inn Club Vacations and the array of benefits they provide. After, working in an industry where he can continue giving back to people while enjoying the love for travel. Ken makes himself available to help you start planning the memories you deserve for you and your family. You deserve to experience life to its fullest before your time here comes to an end. Ken will even put together a group trip for corporations, businesses, community organizations, and even school trips. This website is dedicated to Public Safety Professionals, Fire Responders, Military Veterans, and all who suffer from PTSD or any mental illness. Ken is sharing where he was, where he is, and more opportunities that just may work for you. Please stop by regularly for future updates.

6 thoughts on “Are Cruises Really That Bad?

  1. Agree it is not for everyone. Like traveling in an RV, it’s not for everyone.
    I personally will try anything at least once. One thing I do like about cruising, it’s almost like an all-inclusive at sea, you get to see a few destinations that you may want to return to for a longer stay.


      1. It’s the get sleeping arrangements, food,’s all inclusive unless you’re a BIG drinker.


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