What’s coming in 2022? After almost 2 years of this pandemic, most of us have had enough. The guidelines have been changing faster than we would have imagined. Wear a mask, don’t need to wear a mask, get vaccinated, then a booster, now you have to wear a mask anyway. It really has become a way of our lives.

2022 has started out no different. When will we ever get back to see the faces of the people we are trying to communicate with? It has really begun to become our “New way of life.”

Recently, I had tested positive for COVID and a short few days later my wife and stepdaughter did as well. We all have been vaccinated along with being very strict on wearing a mask. I am required at work to wear a mask all day unless I am eating or drinking. Even then we need to stay 6 feet away from each other. At least 4 people I work with had tested positive at the same time.

What is the Answer?

This brings up a ton of questions that we all have asked.

  • Does the vaccination work?
  • If it does, why do wee need a booster?
  • Will I be immune after contracting COVID?
  • Will I have a more sever case next time?
  • Do the masks really work?
  • While wearing a mask, will my carbon dioxide levels increase?
  • If I wear a mask to protect myself from COVID, will my oxygen levels decrease over time?

Those are just a few questions and I’m sure you can come up with a few as well. The answers are still unclear to all of us. The CDC or WHO has been shifting back and forth making things so confusing we may never have clear answers.

Where do you see our future?

Recently I began a new career in the travel industry. OK, as a Sales Consultant from timeshares. This is not the traditional timeshare we are all familiar with. You know, the one where you are locked into the same week or same location every year. Just to realize after 10 or 15 years you cannot get out of it as easily as you got into it.

But that’s another discussion.

People have come to my presentation with the excuse, not to become an owner because of the unknown of the pandemic. Sure I have it is a true reason. However, let’s look at this realistically.

If the pandemic was a concern of yours, why are you here on a vacation? Have people stopped traveling because of the pandemic? No. People are starting to get back to traveling. The only difference now is there are some guidelines we need to follow.

We can also look at this in another direction. Many people in the world were afraid to travel after the events of September 11, 2000. How long did it take for us to begin traveling again? We became more self-conscious of our surroundings or we found different ways to travel. Many people have decided to travel by vehicles, trains, and even RVs.

Everyone has their own view on how the future will be. The one thing I want you all to remember. Many have lost loved ones since this all started. There will be many more that could pass. We only have one life to live here on earth. Enjoy it before time goes by and you are too old to live out your dreams.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you. Please share this and add your comments.

Ken & Kelli