Getting Started in Your Adventure Living

Have you been thinking of living on the road? Getting started in your adventure living is not as easy as one would think. Getting the right information before heading out on your adventure takes time and planning. Sure we have all heard of the stories when people just pack it all in and go. But there are a few things you will need to consider before heading out.

So where to start?

There is NO 1 answer to this question. We are all individuals with different likes, lifestyles, needs, and outlooks. The best place to start is making the plan to head out. Don’t think of the RV you want not. That will come in with time since there are thousands of makes, models, and floorplans. We will get into that in a few minutes.

I started by reading a few blogs and watching a bunch of videos. Find out what are the different ways people live and survive on the road. Most will tell you that it is not all fun and travel. Like owning a “sticks and bricks” you will always have some work that needs to be attended to. Sure you may not have a lawn to mow or a driveway that needs snow removed. You will have the maintenance of the RV, any tow vehicles, planning your next location, and even the everyday chores.

You will begin to learn that the community you find in the Nomadic live stay is really helpful. People currently living in this lifestyle are always willing to help each other. You cannot be shy or not willing to ask for a little assistance. Living this lifestyle will create challenges you have never dreamed of.

Is This For YOU?

IF you like having a large area or have a lot of personal things you cannot part with. This may not be for you. Most people living on the road still have a “base” location, a place where they like to call home. Most have a storage locker of some type to place those items they want to keep secure. This will give you that place to call home and have items to help you get back into the sticks and bricks if you decide this is a bad idea. Remember you will be living in a small area, maybe not much bigger than your bedroom.

But if you are the person that can live in a small area, you should at least try it. A good suggestion is to do your research to see how others have made the change. Of course, you will need to make some adjustments for what will work best for you. Taking that first step may not be easy, its a big one.

For me, the biggest thing to this point was my boys. I went through a divorce about 9 years ago. During the process, I spent some time living in a 27-foot travel trailer. It was only a few months. During that time my now ex would not allow my proper visitation times. I missed too much of their lives during that period. Thats a whole other story. Now the oldest is 21 working on his career, the middle one getting ready for college, and the youngest still in middle school. Oh yeah, I still have a great full-time job that I truly love, more on that in the future.

Which RV is for You?

You have made the decision that this is the life you want to live. Which RV is for you? There are literally thousands of models and floor plans. You have to live within your means. What I mean is don’t try to live in a 45-foot Class A motorhome when all you can afford is a 24-foot travel trailer.Β  Remember this is going to be your home and you will need to work on occasion. Before heading out, learn from the people on the road or take a basic course in RV maintenance. Do your research to find what you can honestly maintain.

Let me share how with you how we came to our decisions. We looked at different lifestyles, following a few blogs and vlogs. We took a ride to a few local RV dealers to see which options we felt comfortable with. Asking a ton of questions. Keep in mind that some RVs are NOT designed for full-time living. Since so many people are moving into this lifestyle, dealers and manufacturers are learning to make adjustments.

We decided that we wanted something at least 35-feet that had a few slides to expand the living area. We wanted something that we could back onto a beach and wake-up looking at the ocean, of course not in every location. We needed to have at least 2 bathrooms, not full, but at least 1 could be a 1/2 bath. We also wanted something that if our vehicle needed maintenance, we still had a place to sleep.

After considering all our possible wants and needs we decided on a 5th wheel. This would give us a group of RVs that has a floorplan for just about everyone. Not every manufacture has the exact floor plans we really liked. First, we wanted a front living area, then a front kitchen, then back to the front living. You see where this is going. Both gave us the rear master bedroom, one of our priorities.

More to come on how we came to our final decision. You get the idea. Look around, visit dealer on-line, in person, go to a few RV shows, ask questions, and do your homework. You need what works best for you in order to make this adventure living all yours.


Getting started in your adventure living may not be all fun and games. There is a lot of work you need to do before setting out on the road. Do your homework while making the right choice that works for you. Not everyone has the same lifestyle or the same expectations in life. This can be a great experience and a great way to see the locations in this country that you may never see. You just have to get up and get out.

After spending the last few weeks in quarantine due to the pandemic. This may be great for people to realize that its time to make changes.

Thank you for visiting.

Please feel free to comment and share.

Ken and Kelli


“Sticks and Bricks” = the structure you call home which is not mobile.

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